Kourtnee Lyukin
Full Name Kourtnee Anastasia Lyukin
Gender Female
Age 20
Date of Birth 1 January 1994
Hometown Dearborn, Michigan
The GTNT Project
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA

Kourtnee Anastasia Lyukin is a contender on season one of The GTNT Project.


Kourtnee was born in 1 January 1994 in Dearborn, Michigan to a single mother. Her mother fell to alcoholism when Kourtnee was 8 years old, and when her mother got drunk she'd become abusive. This continued for two years until Kourtnee told her teacher at school and she moved in with her grandmother.


Kourtnee is introverted and quiet. She is extremely intelligent and observant of others, which often works to her advantage. She enjoys reading and is a self-described nerd.

Musical StyleEdit

Kourtnee has no professional singing training and didn't even take music classes in high school. However, her musical style is mostly indie with elements of folk as well. Some of her inspirations are The Weepies, Rilo Kiley, and Florence + the Machine. She is a soprano.