Kat Kowalski
Full Name Katarzyna Kowalski
Gender Female
Age 17-18 (season three)
Date of Birth March 18, 1998
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown (season three-present)
Blonde (season one-season two)
School(s) Woodsville High School
Affiliation(s) Lady Reapers
The Freakshows
First Episode Welcome to High School

Katarzyna "Kat" Kowalski is already a main character on Glee: The New Touch and a senior attending Woodsville High School.

Possible StorylinesEdit

  • When Kat gets rejected from her dream school Yale University, due to a low SAT score, she decides to move to Poland instead (send-off).
  • Kat's mother begins trying to come into contact with her and tries persuading her to move in with her. She later attempts to smuggle Kat to Poland with her before the police get involved.
  • Kat and her boyfriend at the time must make a decision to either breakup, try long-distance, or have the boyfriend come with Kat to Poland when she decides to leave.