Jake af Ugglas
Full Name Jacob Ulysses af Ugglas
Nickname(s) Jake (by everyone)
Gender Male
Age 16-17 (season three)
Date of Birth May 7, 1999
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blond
Family Edward af Ugglas (father)
Grace af Ugglas (mother)
Eve af Ugglas (sister)
Friends Woodsville High Reapers
School(s) Woodsville High School
Affiliation(s) Woodsville High Reapers
First Episode Season Three
Portrayed By Chris Zylka

Jacob Ulysses "Jake" af Ugglas is a recurring character on Glee: The New Touch and a junior attending Woodsville High School. He was created by TheWordyBirdy and is portrayed by Chris Zylka.


Jacob Ulysses "Jake" af Ugglas, the youngest of a pair of twins, was born to an upper-middle class family descended from Swedish nobility in the small upperclass gated community in New London. Unlike most of the children in the neighborhood who went to expensive private schools, Jake and his sister were sent to Woodsville, the local public school. This is because their mother is the assistant principal of the high school and their father is the superintendent of the school district. However, after witnessing his father with another woman, he fell into shock and developed a hard drug addiction. What started with marijuana, eventually turned into much more serious drugs such as heroin. Jake still believes his father's affair was a one-time thing and keeps it from the rest of his family. Due to his recent drug addiction, his well-roundedness is no more and his anger has been getting out of control, something his sister has noticed.


Jake is more of a good-doer than his sister, getting good grades, participating in school activities, and being overall a well-rounded individual. After developing his drug addiction, Jake's anger has spiraled out of control and is no longer doing as well in school. He doesn't notice anything wrong with his family, but becomes increasingly paranoid that Eve will discover his problem.


Jake has perfectly styled blond hair, slightly tan skin, and bright green eyes. He has an athletic build and stands at 6'1".