Heathers is an upcoming episode of Glee: The New Touch. It will revolve around Woodsville High School's production of Heathers: The Musical.


The Freakshows decide that it's time for Woodsville High School's first ever musical, and after Kat suggests the musical adaption of her all-time favorite movie, Heathers, the group starts production. The episode provides a backstage look at the production from the auditions, rehearsals, drama between cast members, and everything in between. Meanwhile, Lisa tries desperately to get Rose out of the show so she can get her part.


  • Rose Mitchel as Veronica Sawyer
  • Samuel X as Jason "JD" Dean
  • Kat Kowalski as Heather Chandler
  • Lexie Hope as Heather McNamara
  • Iris Novak as Heather Duke
  • Ricky Nelson as Kurt Kelly
  • Kyle Stoner as Ram Sweeney
  • Lennon Larson as Martha Dunnstock
  • Ula Dwayne as Ms. Fleming/Chorus member
  • Leni Torres Veronica's mom/Chorus member
  • Mason Copeland as Veronica's dad/Chorus member
  • Brandon Day as Ram's dad/Police officer/Chorus member
  • Austin Michaels as Kurt's dad/Chorus member
  • Lucas Drake as Police officer/Chorus member
  • Lisa Wong as Chorus member/Veronica u/s


Act IEdit

  • "Beautiful" – Veronica & Company
  • "Candy Store"  – H. Chandler, H. McNamara, & H. Duke
  • "Fight For Me" – Veronica & Company
  • "Freeze Your Brain" – JD
  • "Big Fun" – H. Chandler, H. McNamara, H. Duke, Ram, Kurt, Veronica, & Popular Kids
  • "Dead Girl Walking" – Veronica
  • "The Me Inside of Me" – Veronica, H. Chandler, Ms. Fleming, & Company
  • "Blue"H. McNamara, H. Duke, Ram, Kurt, & Company
  • "Our Love Is God" JD, Veronica, & Kurt

Act IIEdit

  • "Prom Or Hell?"Veronica
  • "My Dead Gay Son"Ram's dad, Kurt's dad, & Mourners
  • "Seventeen"Veronica & JD
  • "Shine a Light"Ms. Fleming & Company
  • "Lifeboat" – H. McNamara
  • "Shine a Light (reprise)"H. Duke
  • "Kindergarten Boyfriend"Martha
  • "Yo Girl"H. Chandler, Ram, & Kurt
  • "Meant to Be Yours"JD & Company
  • "Dead Girl Walking (reprise)"Veronica, JD, & Company
  • "I Am Damaged"JD & Veronica
  • "Seventeen (reprise)"Veronica, Martha, H. McNamara, & Company