Eliza Berzina
Full Name Elīza Bērziņa
Nickname(s) Eliza (by everyone)
Gender Female
Age 15-16 (season three)
Date of Birth January 22, 2000
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Family Unknown parents
Friends Sabina Love
The Freakshows
School(s) Woodsville High School
Affiliation(s) Lady Reapers
The Freakshows
First Episode Season Three
Portrayed By Dove Cameron

Eliza Berzina (born Elīza Bērziņa) is a main character on Glee: The New Touch and a sophomore attending Woodsville High School. She was created by TheWordyBirdy and is portrayed by Dove Cameron.


Eliza was born Elīza Bērziņa in the capital of the European nation of Latvia, Riga. When she was five years old, her and her family moved from Riga to New London, Connecticut in the United States. After she first arrived in the U.S., learning English became a very large problem. It was just too hard for her. Soon she was diagnosed with Dyslexia, but was able to overcome it and learn the language. Elementary school was fine for Eliza, but middle school is when things went downhill. Early teenage years bring in so much drama and judgement, and Eliza wasn't up for that. She became insecure with herself and didn't think she was good enough. In an attempt to make herself feel better, she joined the cheerleading squad and became friends with the popular cheerleaders. She listened to whatever they said, and they treated her as their personal slave. Eliza wasn't happy, but at least she felt like she wasn't useless.


Eliza has always been a follower rather than a leader. She tends to latch onto people she thinks she can trust and worships them, despite often later finding out she actually can't trust them. Eliza will often hide what she actually believes from other people in fear of judgement. She's also extremely sensitive and her feelings are easily hurt.


Eliza has long blonde hair, pale skin, and emerald green eyes. She is rather petite standing at 5'3". She has a very girly style, often wearing dresses, skirts, and fancy shoes.


  • "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato (audition song)