Annalisa Mancini
Full Name Annalisa Ann Mancini
Nickname(s) Anna
Gender Female
Age 22
Date of Birth 17 June 1992
Hometown Sayville, New York
The GTNT Project
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA

Annalisa Ann Mancini is a contender on season one of The GTNT Project.


Annalisa was born on 17 June 1992 in Sayville, New York to a Roman Catholic Italian American family. Growing up she attended Catholic school and was forced to go the church every Sunday. However, she began to question her relationship with religion and God when she discovered she was a lesbian. At age 17 she came out to her family and was accepted in open arms. She later realized that God expects everyone, no matter your sexuality.


Annalisa is a sweet and open minded girl who is loyal to the people she loves. However, in a competition like this she leaves her nice girl act behind and isn't afraid to do what it takes to win.

Musical StyleEdit

Annalisa grew up with a musical theatre background and this is showcased when she performs. She typically likes to sing show tunes in addition to modern pop and R&B songs. She is a contralto.